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A message from our Chairman issued 11 May 2020:

You will by now have seen the announcements from the Government regarding the phased relaxation of the restrictions we have been observing over several weeks together with guidance from the BMFA. You’ll be aware, as a club we took the decision to close our flying site several weeks ago in line with guidance and I thank you all for observing this restrictive measure.

On Wednesday 13th May, step one of the UK Government’s roadmap becomes effective. This will allow members to travel to the field for recreational / sporting purposes. As such, following guidance from the BMFA, the Committee have decided to reopen the field for flying from noon on Wednesday 13th, subject to a number of conditions that I ask you to strictly observe. I am relying on you individually and collectively to observe these measures in order to comply with the Governments conditions as well as keeping each other safe. As a Committee, we will continue to monitor the situation and will adapt these conditions as and when necessary, including members not observing the points listed below:

1. We remain in the midst of a pandemic and the Government advice must not be regarded as a return to normal. The situation is dynamic and current Government advice must always be followed. As a club, we will of course continue monitoring the situation and will make adjustments as necessary but, you individually have a responsibility to follow the Government advice.

2. The effects of COVID-19 are most serious in the older generation and those with underlying health problems / concerns. Many Nomads members will fall into this group and as such we ask you to carefully consider the risks to you personally before travelling to fly at the field.

3. Social distancing in accordance with the Governments guidelines ensuring you remain a minimum of 2 meters apart (and preferably greater) from people not in your household is critical. This must be observed at all times whilst at the field, including in the car park, pits area and whilst at the flight line (please also refer to the following points below).

4. Before attending the field, please ensure you have and take latex / nitrile / vinyl gloves and hand sanitiser. These should be worn and hand sanitiser used before unlocking / opening the field gate and closing it. It is your responsibility to bring these items with you and to use them as appropriate. You should also refrain from leaning on the metal barriers in the pit area.

5. Please utilise the freshly cut car park area on the right as you enter the field gate, observing the 2 meter rule. If someone is unloading / loading a car with models, please keep your distance and where this is difficult, we ask that you remain in your vehicle until the person has finished and moved away. Please be patient and courteous to your fellow club members.

6. The hut, coffee / tea making facilities should be considered strictly out of bounds for the time being. This is due to difficulties maintaining a sterile area. We are unable to lock the hut door so ask that you strictly observe this very important condition. Please bring your own personal flask should you wish to take refreshments whilst at the field. The gas cylinder will be removed from the site during this time. We also ask that you refrain from using the seats for the same reasons.

7. No sharing of model flying equipment and aircraft (apart of course those sharing a household). This include buddy box arrangements and helping members to launch or recover models. If you have no method to self launch / take off, please do not bring that model to the patch.

8. Any member displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or who shares a household with any individual displaying symptoms must stay at home, maintaining social isolation in line with Government guidelines.

9. There must be no more that 3 people flying at one time and pilots must observe the social distancing measures of a minimum of 2m whilst flying. Whilst it is desirable for all to be in the pilot box, we appreciate that to maintain 2m distance may require pilots to stand slightly outside the pilot box on either side but must observe personal safety measures. If maintaining social distancing is difficult, please do not fly and wait for an appropriate slot.

10. Please consider the time and day when you are going to the field to fly. As per point 1 above, we remain in the midst of a pandemic and the Government has been very clear regarding social gatherings. Please therefore avoid traditionally busy periods in order to observe social distancing rules. This includes Saturday and Sunday morning flying. If the carpark is busy or there are multiple members already flying at the field, we ask you to consider your ability to observe Government guidelines and the points above, returning at a less busy time should you need to.

11. When attending the field, we ask that you conduct your flying activity immediately on arrival and depart as soon as you have completed your flying. This is to maximise the use of the field for members and avoids potential gathering of members. It remains your individual responsibility to observe the clear Government restrictions regarding social gatherings.

Ultimately, it has to be you, the individual that makes the choice whether to go flying or not, taking personal responsibility for your own safety. The Committee has carefully considered the advice from Government and the BMFA before making a decision to reopen our field. I ask you all to please observe the above and remain individually responsible. As mentioned in my opening paragraphs, we will continue to monitor the situation closely and may need to amend arrangements in what is a very dynamic environment. However, as a Committee we will continue to keep you informed.

Please stay safe and please, please be considerate when using the field.



Located in Dartford Kent we have one of the most desirable model flying sites in the county, as a club we have been established since the 1930’s. Initially the club was mainly  'fixed wing' but we are now proud to say we are 'multi disciplined' catering for Power, Glider, Electric and Helicopters.

The longevity of the club can be attributed to the membership contributing towards its rules and constitution through the guidance of its annually elected officers and committee.  A more comprehensive history can be found on our About Us page.

Our membership numbers allow for up to 130 flyers which also includes spaces for Junior members under the age of 18.  We also have Associate Members which allow parents or guardians of Junior Members to participate in the clubs activities or for those that just wish to join in a non-flying capacity.  Our fee structure is set annually at the Annual General Meeting in November.


The club welcomes applications to join from either new or experienced pilots, we endeavour to help all new members wherever possible on an informal basis.  New members are required to pass a proficiency test to establish their competency before being allowed to fly solo.

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